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Being Independent!

Seven years after I landed this job, my mother asked me my definition of being independent.

"Doing things on my own," I said. "In my own way" Does that include, she wanted to know, learning to look after your own tummy?

She had tried to teach me to cook a thousand times before, in vain. But the way she put it this time, I couldn't just dismiss it. Yes, I decided, if I were to be truly independent -- and landing a job and earning for yourself was all about independence, wasn't it? -- I needed to learn this art of pots and pans too.

Momma had to go out to visit someone. The vegetables, rice and dal were all done. Only chapattis remained. Even the dough was ready to be ‘balled’ and rolled.

"I will make the chapattis," I volunteered.

Momma was surprised. "Are you sure?"

Of course, I was. But momma was not convinced. "Don't worry," I told her firmly, "I will manage."

She was finally persuaded. She left soon.

I entered the kitc…