Love Forever @ Rajpath by Kalpana Mishra

Why do I call a book, a good book?  Because it is about 300 odd pages and large enough to keep you engrossed for a week? Do I call it a good read because it makes you turn the pages and never let you put it down? Well, I think, the good thing about a book should be that it deals with various emotions…all imaginable, of battles fought within, and things that the author manages to leave you feeling, like, you know the characters inside-out and understand them.  Yes, for me, a good book should let you place yourself in the character’s shoes.
Kalpana Mishra’s first attempt at fiction, “Love Forever@Rajpath” is one such book, where you feel empathetic towards the characters all along. The characters are you, me and everyone.  They speak our language, they think just like us, and they are fallible too… The story is about two people, Shalini a Sindhi Girl and Kartik, her collegue with Bihari Roots and the love that blossoms between them.  The book is about their relationships, their life, se…

The King is Dead, Long Live the King as The Force Awakens

I have never been a great fan of the Star Wars Fanchisee.  However, I must admit that I have seen all the six episodes either on DVD or on Theatres, sometimes accompanying my friends, or at other times, watching these movies when I had nothing better to do.  I must also admit that the First three Star Wars trilogies (surprisingly, they are numbered as Episode 4, 5, 6), as the following editions were prequels.  If I think I am confusing anyone here, then here is the chronological list of full six episodes of Star Wars which were released prior to this 2015 edition. 
(a)          Star Wars (b)          Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back (c)           Star Wars – The Return of the Jedi (d)          Star Wars – The Phantom Menace (Episode I) (e)          Star Wars – Attack of the Clones (Episode II) (f)           Star Wars – The Revenge of the Sith (Episode III). 
Anyways, I must admit that the initial three versions of the movie were a real fun, with George Lucas directing them and which featu…

Meet my new Personal Assistant

Meet Cortana, my new personal Assistant.  Cortana is simply an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered software which takes its name from Cortana, an AI character from Microsoft’s Halo Series of Games.  The Software, a voice enabled personal digital assistant, integrated with the Bing Search in the Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 series, learns and adapts by tracking your phone and its usage. 
Cortana is much more than a voice search that Bing provides and she is programmed like a real-life personal assistant.  Cortana is Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s Siri and Google’s Google Now.  She is voice-powered by Jen Taylor, the same voice actress that powered Cortana in the various Halo Games. 
Like Siri and Google, Cortana can take notes, dictate message can set alarms and throws up reminders and alerts and can do web searches and manipulate system settings as you dictate her.  But what really sets Cortana apart is its endless ability to strike up casual conversations with users, which can at t…

Sectarian Strife in the Middle East : What it is all about

Of late, Newspapers are choke-full about the Civil Strife in Iraq and every one come across the acronyms ISIS and ISIL. News has been breaking every other day that the Extremist Group ISIS is claiming territory after territory in Iraq and is fast advancing towards the Capital Baghdad.  Some Papers name the group as ISIS and some others as ISIL. As a frequent commentator on various threads on the issue and with my some-what little knowledge about the internal politics of Iraq, thanks to two of my media friends who hail from that region, my other friends in my social networking circle have been asking me as to what the confusion is all about regarding the name of the Extremist Group.  Simply speaking, they wanted to know whether ISIS and ISIL are same and if same, then as to why they are called differently by different sections of the Media. 
Through this post, I am attempting to clear the confusion of many, through the limited knowledge I have about this.  The articles I read in Reuter…

Game of Glorious Uncertainties

What an amazing Test Match it was! For some time, It looked like Aussie would reach the target, seeing the way, Warner and Rogers were going after the bowling, but the batting collapse, triggered by Swann and then Broad and Bresnan was incredible.  Aussies were left short of the target by 74 runs.  The match brought out all the unpredictability of the Cricket as a game we are used to.   Test Cricket is certainly a game of glorious uncertainties. 
From 109 for the loss of one wicket, Stuart Broad brought down the Aussies with a Six wicket haul in 45 deliveries, conceding just 20 Runs on the way.  This is classic bowling lessons for any budding Seam Bowler.  Pitch the Ball up, Keep it Straight and find some side-ways movement in between. It’s as simple as that!!!

But, before, the collapse was triggered by some fine piece of bowling from Greame Swann and Tim Bresnan.  Swann had accounted for Rogers and Khwaja and then came the magical moment of the test match.  Alastair Cook, asked Swann …

Brand New Tabbed Inbox of GMail

It was indeed a surprise for me, when Google activated the new brand new Inbox on my Mail, the Tabbed Inbox.Rolled out gradually for users, this new feature promises to give more control over the different types of mails we receive in our inbox.
As of now, this feature has been activated only for a select few of the Gmail users, and I am privileged enough to say that I have been one of them.You’ll come to know when this feature is activated by visiting the Settings -> Inbox -> Configure Inbox.There apart from the various types of inbox views available like Priority Inbox, Classic View etc, you will get to see Tabbed Inbox too.As with the others, you can always go back to the Classic View, in case it doesn’t appeal to you.
When you click Configure Inbox, you will be asked which optional tabs you will want. All the e-mails you receive will then be automatically categorized by a ‘Google algorithm’ which is intelligent enough, and placed in the appropriate tab for an easy retrieval.

Minor Irritants in Lumia 620

This is the third in the series of the Lumia 620 Articles, and after the first two, I think, I now need to chart out a few shortcomings, too, in an, otherwise, a wonderful product.  Yes, of course, as with any product.. that too, one that is built around an evolving eco-system, there will be minor irritants too.  I wouldn't rather call them as shortcomings, for I believe, Microsoft will address these issues in the coming updates to the software. 
One such goof-up is the inability of this Smartphone to attach multiple documents and pdfs while e-mailing.  Right now, I can only attach multiple photos and there is no way I can attach a document.  All I can do is to share a particular document through SkyDrive, but that limits the number to just one.  Maybe, Microsoft has brought this product out keeping the Young Generation in mind, and basically as a gadget with augments your Social Networking and not typically as a Business Phone.  May be that is the reason why Lumia Phones are not …