Will it....? Wont it....? A Ode to Murphy's Law!

When you live alone, you tend to develop strange habits! I too have one. Sitting on my bed, every time I fling an empty coke can at the dustbin, I make a wish! If the can lands inside the bin, the wish will come true and if doesn’t, the wish will not.

That’s when life reveals how cruel it can be. Every time I desperately want a wish to come true, the coke can lands – as a rule – outside the bin! And on occasions when I absentmindedly fling it, it lands – as a rule again, - straight on the bin! All I can say is LIFE LOVES TO NEEDLE YOU IN DESPERATE MOMENTS!!

…And that is Murphy’s Law is all about. It is simply a supposed law of nature…to the effect that ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…’ or simply said, that which should not happen will happen and that which should happen will not! Interesting isn’t it?

I remember those desperate moments I spent at the bus-stop waiting for a bus to CP …but all the buses that came along then would be bound for South Extension. Then there were days when I had to be in South Extension in the next 30 minutes, but all the buses that came along would be bound for CP.

Life’s scheming ways do not end there. The delicious smells from my neighbor’s kitchen hit my nostrils only when I am hungry and there’s nothing in my kitchen and when I am too lazy to work. And the day’s I’ve eaten full stomach, the neighbors don’t seem to be cooking at all!

Now don’t tell me, it’s hunger that makes one’s nostrils pick-up the smell. Ok! But how do you explain this thing with the phone? The days I’m at home, bored out of my mind, and itching for a conversation, the cell refuses to tinkle! I keep checking the screen for any missed calls or SMSes, but No! I then click and see whether the incoming calls are barred or not, but that can’t be… coz, I just got a message from 123 asking me as to whether I needed a particular ‘personal loan’ or not…!! And then there are evenings when I am busy with my office or my colleagues, and everybody who knows me, suddenly remembers to call me. Have you ever wondered why you receive the maximum number of phone calls when you are either taking a shower or having your food!??

Think, you are in a movie house, it always happens that people coming in to watch the movie or the show after you, or after the show has started…always comes and sit on your front rows, blocking your view of the screen where your hero has just delivered a thrilling punch!

The examples are many. So I’ll now end with the most recent and the spookiest!

I begin my mornings with a walk in the nearby park where I used to run into this petite beauty! Her frizzy hair made her look like a Greek Goddess! I often thought of striking a conversation with her, but the stern gaze she gave me from behind her frameless lenses, made me abandon the idea! She’d haunt me for the rest of the day, and till the next morning, but who would like to begin the day with a snub? So I let it be…!!!

Then one day I went on a holiday after almost a year and visited a place called McLeodganj, stayed there in a Buddhist Monastery where they thought you Art like Zen and Kaizen and told you things like why it is good to be a celibate and how one should treat every woman in this planet as you would treat your mother…!

My purification went on for about three weeks, before I returned to real life and set out on my morn walk with a renewed vigor. In the park, someone squealed from behind “Hey! Hi! Where have you been so long? “. It was the frizzy haired girl, and this time around, she wasn’t sporting her frameless lenses too!

I got the lesson…WHEN YOU WANT SOMETHING, DON’T WANT IT. Life will give it to you on a platter then!!!

Epilogue: These days we both jog in the same direction. And yesterday, the frizzy haired girl asked me… “Have I not added fat?”. I was about to say “No”. But I thought, she might either not believe me, or think, I am not paying enough attention to notice anything about her….Now if I say “Yes”, she might still not believe me, or I might be faced with more questions that tests my patience…Like “Where have I put on weight?” “Why is this running around the park is not yielding anything?” and so on. So I decided to answer her diplomatically. I thought of saying “Dear, you’ve not only kept your figure, but you’ve added so much to it!” or else I could say “Le vie a ses raisons, que la raisen ne connait points” …”The life has its reasons, of which, reason knows nothing….” …I finally said this to her…which is in no way related to what she had asked me…!!!


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