Eye-for-an-Eye makes the Whole world go Blind!

For every wrong thing that is happening now around the world, I think, the onus must go to the 'foreign' policies of the Americans. The day US decided to 'Veto' our Shashi Tharoor (not that i preferred Tharoor to the the UNSG, I preferred his writings more than his being the UNSG), Kim Jong II decided that he needs to blast off a nuclear device just the keep the americans at bay, for if not then, the day wont be far off when US Marines would land on South Korea. South Koreans too...were a little happy in their insides to their northern neighbors going nuclear, for as and when the two countries decide to 'merge' their differences, they too can call themselves as 'nuc power'. Let's wait and see what Shizo Abe and his Japan will does in this developing situation....what we can do till then, is to cross our fingers and sit...!


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