Wiping out the Smiles!

...Over a fornight now, media, politicians and the people like us alike have been hell bent on "wiping the smile" out of DGP Rathore and giving Ruchika her justice... In the midst of all the brouhaha, I wonder... is giving Ruchika the justice is the only thing that we are concerned as a nation?

Does Ruchika encompass all the things that the Nation stand for...?? if abetting Ruchika's suicide can put a DGP in the dock... well.. we must strive for it... but at the same time.. should that be the only thing that we should debate??? who will give justice to the endless number of riot victims??? who will be punished for abetting the suicide of all those family members who have been affected by the communal riots..? Are any one going to be punished for abetting the suicide of endless number of farmers??? Are any one going to be punished for abetting the killing of hundreds of people in the name of dividing a state or creating new ones?

Nobody answers these questions... while we go on talking loudly about the issues that we are convenient with...!!!!


Scrawler said…
Have you heard of scholarships being provided to journalists to study the riots and riot victims?I have haerd. My senior in GVC was awarded scholarship to study the situation of Gujarat Riot victims.Moreover, we have nough features, columns and other campaigns against communal riots.Secondly, these riots..be it Sikh riots or Gujarat riots..the political parties be it BJP,Congress,Left..have always been opportunistic! BJP relied on sikh riots to gain votes..and the Congress on Gujarat riots.Left tried to grab votes in the name of both the riots.In the midst of all these opportunistic politics, everyone will go scot free

Second let us take a non political issue.There are 2 millions of sex workers in India.Out of this, 40% are minors..and they are either kidnapped or trapped ..by agents/pimps.How many among us are raising a voice against these crimes?Even the media keeps muted on the sex trafficking. Does anyone runs any nation wide campaign for them?

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