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Bt Crops - Do we need it?

For over the entire last month, the Ministry of Environment and Forests and the GEAC (Genetic Engineering Approval Committee was on loggerheads regarding the Govt of India’s Decision on a Moratorium on the commercial release of the Bt Brinjal.

Now, yesterday, the pioneers of the Crop Bio-tech and Pesticide giant Monsanto has admitted that the pests have developed a resistence to its variety of Bt Cotton (Its version 1, which is a single seed variety) in field trials. The company further advocated the farmers to switch to its second generation (two-seed variety) to ‘delay’ resistence further. The company went on to advocate the farmers to plant ‘refuges’ or non Bt Varieties as a buffer, which would then attract the pests thus leaving the GM crops safe.

Indian farmers for the most part have small land holdings and it is not viable for them to switch to a new variety of Bt crops every year, not it is practically feasible for them to have buffer crops to protect the Bt varieties, when t…