Pay Commission

Here is my response to the Fifth Pay Commission article which was published in the Hindu.

Pay Commission

Some readers have pointed out that limiting the number of holidays is a welcome measure. If government servants have 20 holidays a year, it is not because they want a holiday culture, but because the government wants its workforce to celebrate the festivals of all communities. If one goes to a government colony, one can see Muslims celebrate Holi with as much fervour as do their Hindu neighbours. The Pay Commission’s proposal to scrap national festivals as holidays and restrict them to three in a year is a step backwards. If the government rejects this recommendation, it won’t be out of vote bank considerations but because it believes in the foresight of Nehru and Patel.

Shaan Menon,


Anonymous said…
Well, this post looks a little incomplete. should have given a little write up on holidays in Govt.

Good to see ur comment which got published, but I don't agree with you.

apart from Holi Diwali, what festivals do we really celebrate? why do we need so many holidays I donot understand? even if its 2 october? what do we do that day? It's not about what religion I am talking about, but the utility of a holiday. With holidays close to weekends, most ppl opt of extended holidays by combining leave with it, which hampers office work.

We really got to be honest about it before advocating for holidays for festivals etc.

it was a thought provoking post.

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