My First Reward for Blogging!

Well... I'm so happy to share with you, my first recognition that came my way. To tell you the truth, this is the first time i have ever tried posting for a contest...and somehow i am lucky enough to feature in the best 'five'.... thanks to all my readers .. as also my friends and my wife who inspire me to write and post.... also, a big thanks to that unknown friend who convinced me to sent an entry to this particular contest.. Thank You all...

You can read my entry here : Old Books, Old Memoirs - The Fountainhead


Sindhu Nair said…
Hi thought will read through your blog and then wish you.. Didnt find time though but sat today morning and read them. I am way away from cricket... but I loved the 10 things you liked about Delhi, well they were quite different in thought... Hy heartiest congrats and hope to see you collecting many more...

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