The so-called Final Frontier

At the very start, i was quite appalled at the way, we all looked up to this match from the very beginning. For most of us, the game was a battle between two nations which needs to be won at any cost. It was the final. Almost everyone wore his patriotism on his sleeve. I, as an odd man out, thought this was just another game of cricket. The team which is better on the given day will win the match. And it indeed happened as indian coaching and calm leadership saw it through the evening.

It was the pressure that did pakistan in though, from the start they looked like they were aggressive enough to put india into submission. On the contrary, pakistan floundered, made tactical mistakes, were not aggressive when they needed to be, mixed up and were clueless with their batting and played their cricket in a stupid and perplexing manner.

I, for one, has always believed Cricket was a game played in the minds, more than with anybody's talent and ability. Thats the reason why we see such big success percentages for Hansie Cronje and Mike Bearerly. You can get any Sachin out with proper planning and intelligence coupled with knowledge of your opponent and SWOT analysis.

Today, on this pressure cooker atmosphere, Pakistan just lost out to a calm and cool, level-headed and better thinking team.


Preetha said…
Well expressed.... i just fail to understand as to why people can't take a game in the spirit of a game itself. Eversince, India & Pak semi final match has been declared people have gone crazy... they're treating the game as a war btwn India & Pakistan & unnecessarily building pressure in the minds of the players and themselves... everywhere the discussion is about who will win the match? People performing pooja, offices declaring holidays & all... uff... as if the heaven is going to fall if India doesn't win this game or vice versa. I wish if people becomes serious like this on other important issues from nation's point of view if they they really consider them as tue Patriots...

Thank God the game is over...
Praseeth said…
yeah...i agree...But leave Hansie cronje from the equation. He was a BIG match fixer...and FYI, if you talk about success percentages, Ricky Ponting will be far ahead of anyone else. And talk about sportsmanship, Sachin would be far far ahead of anyone else.

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