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Endosulfan.... The Ban...and a Sham.....

W hile, the threats of a nuclear fall-out, borne out of a tragedy that happened in the Fakushima Nuke Plant in Japan, started a debate about the positives and negatives of nuclear energy, the media completely ignored the protests and the cries that were being carried out (infact, for the last 10 to 15 years) in Northern Kerala as well as Southern Karnataka to ban the Pesticide Endosulfan.   
Perhaps, after the killer fields of Bhatinda, it's now the turn of Kasargod and Northern Karnataka to prove to the rest of India that the so-called Green Revolution was after all, not a success as was being made out, but in fact, a tragedy that killed people on one side and and gave profits to the pesticide lobby on the other.  
Endosulfan is a "Persistent Organic Pollutant" of P.O.P, which can easily spread through soil, air and water.  It is banned in more than 63 countries, including the European Union, Australia and New Zealand, and other Asian and West African nations, and being p…