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If you don't have an Iphone. . . Well, mate you just don't have an iPhone.

At a time when the mobile market, or should i rather say the smartphone market is flooded with all kinds of androids, one company decide to change the game yet again and brings in a device which is leaner, meaner, and classy. And as i said, the device they brought in changes everything once again. Yes. I am talking about the iPhone 4.

The in-thing with Apple is that it comes out with one product while the rest of the world with 1000 varied ones and still Apple's product is better by a mile.

I went in for a look for this device at the imagine store at ansal plaza and the moment i felt this device on my hands, i had goose bumps, like when you feel your girl friend. Yes. This is one gadget you'll immediately fall in love with. Now officially in india, you and me can now touch and feel the unlocked version.

The device is leaner, sleeker and the iOS will give the androids a run for its money. The screen is pretty longer and touch capacitative. I do prefer this tech to the resist…