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This Wall doesn't Crumble!

Quite fittingly and following history, the test at Trentbridge is turning out to be a Rahul Dravid Special once again. It's amazing the way, this man has carried the hopes of the country in this longer format of the game.  34 career centuries at an average of 54, and he is up among the legends.  Equalling Sir Sunil Gavaskar and Brian Lara, only three others are ahead of him : Sachin Tendulkar, Jacques Kallis and Ricky Ponting.  Carry on Dravid, you are the true champion of Test Cricket. Every time you hit a century, the chances of India winning the test goes up and up. So carry on being the wall. 

Number crunching, we find that, Sachin has always towered over and eclipsed players like Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly. The records speak themselves for these amazing players and infact, statistically, these players have won more matches for India than Sachin himself.  It is also notworthy to mention that the players who are scoring runs in England this summer are those who had a long lay of…

The Disarming of teh Salwa Judum

In a landmark Judgement, delivered on July 5th, the Supreme Court of India has bracketed the Salwa Judum, the Special Police Officers (SPOs), or the Koya Commandos together, and has termed their existence as unconstitutional and illegal. The Apex Court remarked that these were the outcome of a “flawed policy” that pitted the adivasis against the adivasis, as also using the tribals as a “Cannon Fodder” in its fight against the Maoists/Naxals. The Judgement of the Apex Court was in response to a PIL filed by the noted Professor Nandini Sunder, Historian Ramachandra Guha and a former Civil Servant, EAS Sarna.

For the uninitiated, the Salwa Judum is a private militia created by the Chattisgargh Government to assist the forces in its anti-naxal operations especially in the regions of Dantewada and Bastar. Over a period of time, the Salwa Judum has grown on to fight the naxals, but have been accused of attacking and harassing the tribals, in the name of helping the naxals. The main organ…