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Independence, Freedom and a little 'Anna'

It's that red letter day again...the day when we celebrate our Independence Day. A Day to celebrate our freedom. And this year, when we are celebrating our 65th year of getting our 'freedom', the same question comes back to us... the question posted everywhere.. in magazines, newspapers, hoardings... the question of what Independence day means to you...? what freedom means to you...?
For us, the Independence has given us the right to do things our own way. Freedom has given us the choice to do things in our own way, among a variety of choices. Yes, indeed we have decided to exercise our freedom too... Obviously, I am talking about Anna Hazare and his freedom to protest, about his freedom to go on fast at the drop of a hat. I agree with his right to fast, and his freedom to protest what he thinks is wrong.

But he does he have the right to defy the Indian Parliament and continue being adamant about his Jan Lok Pal 'clauses' which the Government considers impractical? D…

The Blackberry and the London Arsoning...

BlackBerry, Facebook and Twitter the main villain in the London Arsoning...! But weren't these three the heroes when the Jasmine Bloomed (Tunisia) or when Democracy "danced" (Egypt) or even in Iran when Ahemedinijad enforced his Rule of Law...? How can be the same entities become Villains in the Occidental (Western World), but heros when in the Orient...(Middle east & Arab) ???
What are we supposed to understand in this whole thing..? as they say in one of the famous hollywood movies either we can just wake up ... and believe everything that we want to believe.. or just take up the other option of staying in the wonderland...