Minor Irritants in Lumia 620

This is the third in the series of the Lumia 620 Articles, and after the first two, I think, I now need to chart out a few shortcomings, too, in an, otherwise, a wonderful product.  Yes, of course, as with any product.. that too, one that is built around an evolving eco-system, there will be minor irritants too.  I wouldn't rather call them as shortcomings, for I believe, Microsoft will address these issues in the coming updates to the software. 

One such goof-up is the inability of this Smartphone to attach multiple documents and pdfs while e-mailing.  Right now, I can only attach multiple photos and there is no way I can attach a document.  All I can do is to share a particular document through SkyDrive, but that limits the number to just one.  Maybe, Microsoft has brought this product out keeping the Young Generation in mind, and basically as a gadget with augments your Social Networking and not typically as a Business Phone.  May be that is the reason why Lumia Phones are not competing itself with Blackberries.   

Another issue that puzzled related to Storage.  When I check the amount of memory that the phone has used up, I am bewildered by a category called ‘Other’ apart from the usual ‘Photos’, Apps, System etc.  So Typically, out of the 7.2 Gb of Phone Storage that youget, 1.9 Gb is taken up by the System itself, and after ‘Photos’, ‘Apps’ etc, one finds this ‘Other’ takes up around 1 Gb typically.  A little research, told me that this 'Other' storage could be anything like your Temporary Internet Files, your cache data, the data related to to profile pics, the updates etc, considering that the People, Photo and Office Hub is constantly looking for and fetching data from Social Networking Sites.  This could also be the app data that the app store for you.  So the more the number of apps you have on your Phone, the more this ‘Other’ Storage is. 

To my horror, I found out that this ‘Other’ storage keeps on building itself up as you install more and more apps and the major irritant has been that there is no way to manage this ‘other’ storage, like to delete these and free up this space. 

Why this will become such a big Irritant is because, sooner or later, this storage will inflate itself up to a point wherein I won’t be able to install any apps or run any games as the Phone will start saying ‘no more space’.

Lack of FM Radio can be called as a shortcoming, though; it is not of much concern to me.                I, personally, don't follow FM Music, and the phone gives you the flexibility to have expandable storage upto 64 Gb, so you call fill your memory card with all sort of songs and videos and reduces your dependence to FM Radio Stations.

Yes, these are minor glitches and I have already wrote to Microsoft, along with many other users about these issues and I have been promised that the future updates of the WP 8 OS will take care of them.  Infact, this is how a new product evolves and develops and let us give the benefit of doubt to Microsoft here.  


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