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Smile...Smile a While!

What is a Smile…? We all have been lifted up in spirits when we see a beautiful smile. So what is this smile…where does it come from…? Me thinks, a smile is basically an effect created due to the interplay between the muscles of the face, teeth, supporting gums and emotions from the brain. It is a unique human quality that has the power to express a myriad of human expressions. Each smile is said to be characteristic to an individual, defining his/her personality.

Well, isn’t it impressive to see someone who is totally comfortable with himself and holds the thought that beauty is only superficial and based on vanity? But unfortunately, this thought does not hold good. Aesthetics and function are well integrated into each other and are inseparable. A beautiful smile is an indication of proper and healthy function of human mind.

In today’s world, where the emphasis on beauty is growing rather than diminishing, more and more people from all walks of life are increasingly becoming aware of …

Railway Musings!

Ever had a two-day-old egg curry…? Chances are many of us have, certainly those who traveled by the good ’ol Indian Railways on any stretch of this great country. And this Bharatiya Rail ensures that the two-day-old curry often matures to a ripe three-day affair. This must be part of their ‘more for the fare’ deal…for one; they ensure you get to spend more time enjoying their hospitality as the trains invariably runs late.

But since the entire system seems to run on the Indian Stretchable Time (IST), how late is late, one may ask? Is it an hour, or about two or three? Nay too less by any standards. So how about ten? Yes, that sure qualifies as late by any standards. A recent return trip from Kerala (traveling Sleeper Class to enjoy the three S’s – sights, sounds and smells), my super-fast train – thanks to Rains, Floods and et al - to decided to be ‘expressively’ late.

The traveling conditions changed, and ambience too changed the second every one in the compartment came to know that th…

Net Deprivation Syndrome!

......Addiction to Internet. Yes, Addiction...just like one is addicted to Drugs....Coke....Alcohol. I too have succumbed to this new to speak!! And what do u have when u are deprived of ur addiction....Yes....Withdrawal Symptoms....! So these days, after 5 Email Ids, 3 Messengers, 2 Blogs, and endless number of WebPages, I end a conversation on my handphone by clicking a button on my computer (Thanks to Voice Chat and VoIP), and gets irritated when other landlines doesn’t respond to the clicks on my computer…. I end up with a unique urbane disease called IDS or Internet Deprivation Syndrome. My fingers are itching…My eyes are twitching….It has been 6 hrs already. Yes 6 looong looong hours. Yesterday, I chatted for three hours and 27 minutes with my chat buddy ‘love_an_ice’ (it is her online nickname). When ‘Nandini’ came and told me proudly that she chatted for three hours 14 minutes on her handphone hooked to the internet with her online friend from ‘Greenland’, I told her…

Will it....? Wont it....? A Ode to Murphy's Law!

When you live alone, you tend to develop strange habits! I too have one. Sitting on my bed, every time I fling an empty coke can at the dustbin, I make a wish! If the can lands inside the bin, the wish will come true and if doesn’t, the wish will not.

That’s when life reveals how cruel it can be. Every time I desperately want a wish to come true, the coke can lands – as a rule – outside the bin! And on occasions when I absentmindedly fling it, it lands – as a rule again, - straight on the bin! All I can say is LIFE LOVES TO NEEDLE YOU IN DESPERATE MOMENTS!!

…And that is Murphy’s Law is all about. It is simply a supposed law of nature…to the effect that ‘anything that can go wrong, will go wrong…’ or simply said, that which should not happen will happen and that which should happen will not! Interesting isn’t it?

I remember those desperate moments I spent at the bus-stop waiting for a bus to CP …but all the buses that came along then would be bound for South Extension. Then there were day…