Smile...Smile a While!

What is a Smile…? We all have been lifted up in spirits when we see a beautiful smile. So what is this smile…where does it come from…? Me thinks, a smile is basically an effect created due to the interplay between the muscles of the face, teeth, supporting gums and emotions from the brain. It is a unique human quality that has the power to express a myriad of human expressions. Each smile is said to be characteristic to an individual, defining his/her personality.

Well, isn’t it impressive to see someone who is totally comfortable with himself and holds the thought that beauty is only superficial and based on vanity? But unfortunately, this thought does not hold good. Aesthetics and function are well integrated into each other and are inseparable. A beautiful smile is an indication of proper and healthy function of human mind.

In today’s world, where the emphasis on beauty is growing rather than diminishing, more and more people from all walks of life are increasingly becoming aware of their smile. Whether this awareness is for personal improvement or stems from the belief that appearances influence professional success, the number of people who are becoming smile conscious is growing. Recent research indicates that presentable people are by far more confident and successful. Looking good certainly makes these people feel good!

Like wise, when someone smiles at you, you yourself feel ‘lifted’. The confidence and healthy mind of the other gets contagious to you. The Impact of such a ‘smile lift’ can readily be seen in the new found happiness and increase in self-esteem. The reason to smile is simple. A smile shows that you're an open, friendly, relaxed person. Even more importantly, people have a a natural reaction to smile when they see you smile, making THEM feel open, friendly, and relaxed on the inside. The ACT of smiling is what shows you're a friendly, open, confident person. The ACT of smiling is what triggers the good feelings in the other person. There is often a metamorphosis in the over-all appearance and improved social interactions of the persons involved. I am here going to reveal about one such smile, the most divine of them all, I have ever seen, which at that point of time, took me to another plane.

It was a pleasant June evening and the downpour had lent freshness to the Delhi breeze. After a day’s labour at the office my body was aching till the bones…fatigued and drained, my only saviour was the lovely weather and a lovelier company (let’s call that person, say what. Well, ‘Anon’) that I would be reveling while I accompany her to Ansal Plaza for some sundry shopping.

My disinterest in shopping propelled me to rejuvenate myself by quickly grabbing a bite while ‘Anon’ shopped. In search of nice eatery (Barista was becoming a little boring for me now) I went around the entire mall but did not find anything worthwhile… thirsty and tired, I rushed to the water cooler and gulped gallons of water…

Revived and refreshed, I was about to go back to ‘Anon’ at first floor when I spotted a Baskin Robbins. I ordered a choc-sundae. Served in a bowl were two scoops of two different chocs over a huge slice of brownie with an icing of whipped cream and a cherry over it.

I casually gazed around having my ice-cream. I found a little girl about four years of age holding a waffle cone which in those petite hands looked like a gigantic mountain. Standing with her older brother, she was glancing curiously at her brother’s ice-cream and then her own… contented that her own was better, she resumed eating her waffle merrily.

I had just began eating my sundae and must’ve had only three four bites when I realized that ‘Anon’ must’ve been waiting for me…so I started for the escalator and was just about a few steps when I noticed that the same little girl standing in front of me and watching me eating my sundae, with her big wondrous eyes…there was something inexplicable about her that made me stop. May be her childish desire for the delectable delicacy I was holding…or it was plain naivety reflected in her face that momentarily brought back the memoirs of my childhood!

For quite some time I just kept watching her, totally fascinated by the simplicity of this beautiful child in whom I saw the child I once had been…

Finally, after coming out of my nostalgia, I moved closer to this sweet child and held my ice-cream spoon, in front of her, offering a bite of what was exclusively to be devoured by me and ‘Anon’! The girl looked at me, and then at the sundae and without any further thoughts and took the bite and then handed over her ice-cream for the one I had! We exchanged it among us! After that she gave me one of the most beautiful divine smiles I’ve ever seen… our brief encounter ended as abruptly as it had begun when her mother called her back and thanked me!

I went on where ‘Anon’ was waiting for me, but my mind was still far away, pre-occupied with the thoughts of that little girl, filled with memoirs of her simple gestures…it was the innocence of that girl in her divine smiles and her desires that left such an imprint on my mind….

When somebody smiles at you like that, you feel so relaxed and comfortable. And it is very important for all of us to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, most people walk around with a rather stern look on their face and are not in the habit of smiling. Yes, it's a learned habit not to smile and you have to reprogram yourself to be in the habit of smiling to everyone. So make it a habit to smile at everyone you meet… and that may be why a poet had once sung :-

Smile smile
a little while…
a lovely smile…
And while you smile…
There’ll be
miles and miles
of smile
Just coz you smile...


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