Lines of Nostalgia!

There was a time when
All around us was green,
The clouds had a silvery lane
The sky was blue
And 't was a lovely scene!
There was a time when
Life was simple and innocent
Like a river flowing down
Its's waters clear and sparkling
Or like a tree growing upwards
With branches green and vibrant
But now a river is
not a river at all...
it's waters muddy and stinking
also the tree has turned
less green and less vibrant
and so is our lives....

Prasanth Moothedath Menon
(This is one poem which i wrote wen i started seeing the world around me!)
Copyright ©2006 Prasanth Moothedath Menon


Scrawler said…
So true...The best in ur blog! why don't u re arrange the words and publish it in a more poetic form?

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