Class is Permanent!

With all the stupidity of the game that were there on display, the IPL produces some nice moments too.. Performance's of greats like Kallis, Kumble, Shane Warne and even Ganguly to an extent have been a revelation.

What is it that these great players have that the youngsters don't? It is the quality of their hearts.... and their willingness to take up a challenge .. or why would (in the match between RCB and DD) Anil Kumble open the bowling and bowl to Sehwag, one of the most destructive batsmen in world cricket with the field restrictions on. Also in the match against Deccan Chargers, Shane Warne pushed himself on the 11th Over... only to bowl out a great spell, taking 4 wickets and turn the match around. All the while Shane Warne knew exactly what he was doing.


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