You have got everything wrong, Mr Arnab!

The other day I was watching this debate on Times Now, whether the Centre should go all out against the Maoists or not. Mr Arnab was in his impeccable best fighting the corporate cause, the feeling I had was that of how such a debate can take really outrageous when media goes overboard so as to take up issues and suppress the other point of view.

Mr Arnab, we all stand under the same Tricolor, and at the same time, it doesn't and it never gave you the licence to ask and impose 'If you are not with us, then you are with them' cliche on any other Indian. The Bushisms TimesNow inherits can at the very best be saved for Arnab's personal triads, but not on National TV debates.

The Times Now debate was to be categorical 'New-Low' on Indian electronic media.


abcde said…
The Times Now debate was to be categorical 'New-Low' on Indian electronic media

Only Times Now and Arnab? what about our views makers-Superman(Sardesai)? And Super women(Ms Sagarika&Barkha)

The lesser spoken about the electronic media,the better.

Core values of serious journalism is about truth telling,contributing to social good, justice...Sadly, all these principles and values are being replaced by views making and plethora of buckling

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