"'If Chidambaram quits, It would be seen as a Maoist Victory"

....When I picked up my newspaper today morning, I was quite astonished to see this headline in the inside pages. The BJP was crying in Rajiv Pratap Rudy's voice that if P Chidambaram had resigned, it would have seen as a Maoist victory! What statesmanship. Infact, this just made me remember that in one of the TV debates some two three days back, BJP in the voice of Arun Jaitley and Ravi Shanker Prasad had gone public to state their support to PC in his "so-called' Operation Green Hunt".

So what suddenly makes BJP turnaround itself. The party that cries of Intelligence Failure and blames the Union Home Ministry, and asks for a resignation for every terror attack in any part of India now says resignations will be seen as an enemy victory!

So what should we common people infer from this? Do they mean to say, resignations are okay when it comes to Transnational Terrorists and they can claim their small sweet victories, but when it comes to Maoists, we should not allow even a grain of a chance for them! Great thinking! surely they are a party with a difference.

Or is it that the 'Buck really stops' at the same place for both the BJP and the Union Party and as far as this war is concerned, all politicians are united just because there is no vote bank involved and inturn there is a lot of money stashed away somewhere...!


abcde said…
These BJP support for PC is a petty issue.The BJP is slowly learning the art of politics and marketing techniques. Their support to PC is nothing but to gain a better image among middle class voters.BJP are famous for their foul mouth.This time they surprised everyone.ha ha..they are trying to practise madame's techniques..

I think the pseudo intellectuals and quasi celebrities should be kicked out of the country.



One is the Forest rights act passed in parliament..the other one is a well researched article(not like the ones usually written by a journo or pseudo intellectuals)

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