Getting Social

This is my response to the Editorial that was published in The Hindu on Oct 05, 2010

The Editorial, “Getting Social” very succinctly states that Social Networking has indeed set off the next wave of innovation (Editorial, Oct 5, 2010).  Apart from the pursuing and mobilizing support on various national and international issues, the popular  social games – like FarmVille and FishVille - too, on these social networking sites play a big part in interconnecting people together. They foster a sense of community in an often fractured world.  For years, computers seemed to split us apart, atomizing our life by dividing us into narrower pigeonholes.  Now, it appears, they are linking us back together byte by byte.    

Prasanth Menon


Anonymous said…
Well, I don't think we should comment upon this so early.... we are yet to judge does it connect ppl or is putting us in front of our PCs and making us live an imaginary life. Nothing can substitute true good friends.

But undoubtedly, such gaming communities and blogging connects like minded ppl!

U sent this response to the paper?
Shaan Menon! said…
well. what i mean is not that internet is a way of finding a good friend or not.. but rather, from the time it has disjointed us from our peers, this social gaming has brought us back together. we play, we help others, while moving ourselves up the different levels of the game. This is social networking at its best.

Yes. This was sent to Hindu.
abcde said…
After the advent of FB everyone's life has become foolish. More importance and value is being attached to FB and in that process we dont devote enough time to regular activities. Even the smallest stupid things like biting a finger or misplacing the key chain is posted.

The above was a wall post by one of my friend..and I super liked it.

Playing games? at whose cost? Company's expense? Is that fair?Most of the people whom I know use networking sites for frivolous games in networking sites during working hours. Can you justify the same? There is nothing wrong in playing games..or whatever..But all such games should be within four walls of home..Else it will lead to a decline in the productivity and efficiency of the employees..for which the employer is paying...

we forget to help our real neighbor in farmville because we are too busy in helping our neighbor in farm ville.What I am saying is true..Social networking is good..provided it should be used constructively..for particular causes..I agree it unites like minded people..particularly in constructive forums..But beyond that nothing..

Now, it appears, they are linking us back together byte by byte.'s not..It's just biting the relationships.Teenagers are hooked into this...they are totally disintegrated from the family and real life friends..Yes it IS :-)
Anonymous said…
I do feel that these social networking sites have bought people close to each other. I myself could connect to most of my friends with whom i had lost touch after my school days and i am so glad to be in touch with them again. thanx to orkut &FB.

Regarding the internet games, it is true that many people play these games during office hours but one can't comment that it is affecting their productivity and all.. People who want to work will work under any circumstances & people who doesn't want to work will not work whether there is internet connection in the office or not. There are many other reasons to be shirk from work. Similarly, people who want to relax and feel like playing such games will do it at one's home also and not at the cost of others. Afterall, one is doing it for oneself and one can't be so stingy for one's entertainment.

Helping one's neighbour is all a matter of humanity. That helping attitude is in one's blood and it comes from ur heart.

Yes ofcourse, excess of everything is bad and using things in control matters a lot.
abcde said…
My comment on playing games was based on the feed back I get from my circle of friends,my father's business establishment and various research papers published recently..

Perhaps that's why most of the private companies are blocking the networking sites.. After all nobody will like to pay for others expense..

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