Chile Mine Rescue

In all the bustle of India’s Commonwealth Performance and the Horse-trading that was happening in the Karnataka Assembly, one particular news item hardly got any mention in our national newspapers.  It was an international happening of massive proportions with lessons and leaves to take for one and all and should have deserved front page space.  The news of the rescue of 33 miners stranded in the San Jose MineChile, had brought relief and ecstasy, not just to Chile but to the whole world.  The Chile Government and most notably President Pianara, needs to be congratulated for remaining positive throughout as also for the uni-dimensional commitment shown in rescuing the miners. 

The rescue operations involved meticulous planning, drilling and space technologies, as also medical involvement which the miners received from experts doctoring them through tubes and pin-hole cameras inserted approximately 2,300 feet onto the earth.  The psychology of the miners trapped under the rubble for more than 65 days kept alive were a testimony of the rescue diet that was supplied to them through a tiny borehole, as also the exercise regime that was administered to them to keep their calories high.  

The fact that the stranded miners were able to foster a bonding among themselves by helping each other in such hostile environment, even while floating with the single aim to survive was indeed commendable. It speaks a lot about their fortitude and resilience as also their brotherhood.  The miners too, organized themselves very well to keep the environment clean, and needs to be complimented upon.  The operation involved boring half-a-mile of tunnels in an around the area so that the stranded miners had ample space to walk, exercise and even for waste disposal. 

And Last but not the least, a small mention needs to be given to the Sunglass Manufacturer Oakley, who donated ridiculously expensive dark glasses, so as to protect the miners from the sun-blast, once the miners were pulled up to safety.  


abcde said…
I think you should have sent this piece to "The Hindu"(Letter to the editor)

An ideal post for Readers Mail :-)

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